May 15, 2012
Exciting ideas planned for fall semester!

   So we’re coming to end of the spring semester and it’s obvious that both students and faculty alike are ready for some well-deserved vacation time. But just because school is over doesn’t mean that the new and exciting ideas that SPJ has been brewing are over with.

   Our chapter will be taking a trip to the overwhelmingly interesting Newseum in Washington D.C. on July 11. Current members and interested parties will be able to interact and share knowledge throughout this interactive museum.Group prices will be available as we have already expanded our journalism networking in just a few short weeks.

   The chapter will also host a back-to-school fundraiser at Uno Chicago Grill on September 7 where SPJ members will spend the night guest bar-tending. Start the term right and come support the chapter and enjoy Uno’s many tasty happy hour menu items, all for around $3!

   So enjoy your time away from school and closer to the sun, but don’t forget about supporting this awesome up-and-coming organization.

May 15, 2012
Seven fantastic reasons to join your SPJ chapter.

  The Salisbury chapter of SPJ is just now picking its feet off the ground and is ready to show our student body what journalism is all about. For those who need some hard facts on why they should be a part of our organization, here’s a quick list of just some of the many benefits of membership.

1. Inclusion in a nationwide network of journalists, as well as local, to assist you down the road.

2. Invitations to both national and regional conferences to learn new media, technology and hands-on-training to gain a supercharged writing upgrade!

3. A subscription to SPJ’s bi-weekly magazine,Quill, which builds skill sets and keeps you up-to-date in the world of journalism.

4. A helping hand when faced with tough ethical decisions.

5. Fees are a mere $37.50 for a year’s membership.

6. The opportunity to voice yourself on Capital Hill and also within your state legislature.

7. Joining a vast network of journalists in the fight to improve and protect the rights of news writing.

For more information on how to gain membership, click the following link:

Giacomo Scuito, junior, takes a study break to catch up with the latest current events. Despite his busy work schedule, he makes sure to read a newspaper every day.

May 7, 2012
Pulitzer Prize winner shares story at first SPJ meeting

   The award-winning journalist Dick Cooper visited Salisbury’s campus on April 30 to share his compelling experience as a journalist on the scene of the Attica prison riots. Cooper compared the chaotic scene to “Disney World if it were designed by Adolph Hitler.”

      Cooper continues to contribute to the world of journalism with his company Cooper Media Associates. You can access this diverse media team at

   During a Q&A, Cooper instructed students to keep up with the ever-changing media platforms and transition to digital media.

      Through organizations like SPJ, aspiring journalists are given access to a network of journalists, a subscription  to their magazine The Quill and invited to innovative workshops.

   So come out to our second interest meeting at Uno Chicago Grill on May 8 at 8 p.m.! We guarantee a fun-filled night of trivia, hot food and the opportunity to expand your network as a journalist. 

Dick Cooper shared his compelling tale of how he gained a Pulitzer Prize at SPJ’s first interest meeting.


May 7, 2012

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